Little Porcupine and Friends


We at Little Porcupine and Friends follow the CAPS curriculum + Extra.

From Grade R the curriculum gets tailored down to the age of 3 years olds.

We also do Letter Land, an educational approach to learning Phonics and the Alphabet

We have an educational counsellor on-board, who not only deals with educational problems but deals with emotional problems that the children might face.

We have and in-house speech therapist who comes to the School once a week.

We have our own sports coach and she interacts with children from Babies up until Grade-R.

We have a phonics and reading coach who comes to the School once a week and focuses on reading from age 4 to Grade-R.
This helps with our reading program and to identify children who have problems with reading.

We also have an occupational therapist who comes in once a week.

From Grade-RR we offer an Afrikaans reading program.

Registered as an ECD(Early Childhood Development) site.

EMIS Number : 700700621

Year Planner 2019
Go Green

Little Porcupine and Friends - Go Green

At Little Porcupine and Friends we teach kids the importance of taking care of Mother Earth! We take this opportunity to teach them about the importance of recycling by using reusable items such as boxes, Popsicle sticks, lost buttons, egg cartons, and broken crayons. We teach them to reuse assorted items to create arts and crafts. Children should know the importance of protecting our planet!